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2019/01/29 Professor XIAO Suowei, Beijing Normal Unviersity 欲望與尊嚴:婚外包養與轉型期中國的親密關係倫理 Mandarin View
2019/01/25 Mr. TANG Sanjiao, The University of Auckland To buy or not to buy— Study on the luxury consumption in Sichuan during the Cultural Revolution English View
2018/12/21   International Workshop: Ruinscapes in Urban China [Programme] English View
2018/11/30 Ms. ZHANG Xiaoye, City University of Hong Kong CCS China Research Colloquium: Participatory Control: Drama Workshop and Performance Making in a Chinese Prison [Photo] English View
2018/11/19 Mr. SHU Kei (舒琪), Film Producer and Scriptwriter Film Screening: Tracey 翠絲 -- View
2018/11/19 Professor ZHANG Jun, City University of Hong Kong CCS China Research Colloquium: “Left-over Women”: Marriage, Family and the State in Post-Mao China [Photo] English View
2018/11/14 Professor Toby LINCOLN, University of Leicester CCS Visiting Speaker Series: Postwar Urban Reconstruction in China, 1938-1958 [Photo] English View
2018/11/12 -- CCS Film Screening Series:
My Fancy High Heels (我愛高跟鞋)
-- View
2018/10/29 -- CCS Film Screening Series:
Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters (三鳳震武林)
-- View
2018/10/24 Mr. LI Kailong, Founder and CEO of Kalpa Tech CCS China Research Colloquium: The Development of Digital Finance in China [Photo] English and Mandarin View
2018/10/24 Professor QIAN Licheng, Zhejiang University CCS Visiting Speaker Series: Consumption and Contested Memory: Chairman Mao as Commodity [Photo] English View
2018/10/18 Dr. Tim SUMMERS, CUHK China’s Regions in an Era of Globalization [Photo] English View
2018/10/15 -- CCS Film Screening Series:
Four Loves (婉君表妹)
-- View
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