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MPhil Student

  Room 1117, 11/F,
     Yasumoto International
     Academic Park


Academic Background

MSc Research Economic History, the London School of Economics and Political Science

MA International Business, Sorbonne University

BEcon Finance, Renmin University of China

Thesis Title

Financial Innovation and Reform in China’s Financial System

Summary of Thesis Project

My research will investigate how financial innovation promotes the reform in China’s financial system. On reviewing the history of China’s financial development, the study will draw a clear picture of China’s financial system and briefly conclude the process of its reform and modernization. Typical attentions will be paid to the practices, whether they were successful, of financial innovation. On the one hand, China has a unique market economy system and thus has unique practices of financial business model innovation, which brings a unique way of financial modernization. On the other hand, as a leading country in FinTech (e.g. Blockchain, AI, and etc.), China is pushing the reform and modernization of its financial system to the next era. The research will study typical cases of financial innovation and discuss their roles in promoting the reform of China’s financial system.

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