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The Chinese Studies MPhil and PhD programmes in the Centre for China Studies is devoted to advanced research training in the interdisciplinary study of Chinese history, literature, religion, culture, society, politics and economy. The programmes are conducted in English at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a multilingual community uniquely committed since its establishment to the study of China in an environment of academic freedom.


The MPhil and PhD programmes offer students: 

  • A devoted group of faculty advisers, encompassing one of the largest, most diverse collection of China scholars in the world;
  • A multilingual Chinese community at a university uniquely committed to the study of Chinese culture;
  • A university library system offering the best resources for Chinese scholarship in the world;
  • A world-class Chinese art collection housed on campus;
  • Proximity to major libraries, archives, and sites for field research in greater China; and
  • Generous graduate fellowships.
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