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This conference will bring together the seventeen member research team established in 2015 and led by Professors David FAURE and Jan KIELY, along with an additional select number of invited scholars, to present research papers on case studies focusing on specific localities during some part of the twentieth century and explored through a combination of fieldwork and document-based research. The point is to find out what this historical anthropology approach can add to our understanding of twentieth century Chinese history and to stimulate productive comparative discussions. The current papers in development mostly take up four major areas of historical change in China: transformation of religious practices, novel forms of production practices, reformulation of the relationship between culture and politics, and restructuring of borderland societies.




  • Centre for China Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • CUHK-SYSU, Centre for Historical Anthropology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • University of Oxford




19-20 December 2016




9 am - 5:20 pm (both days)




Room 220, 2/F. Fung King Hey Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong [Campus Map]











Workshops on Historical Anthropology and Twentieth Century China

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Dennis CHAN

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