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Tortured Souls: Intellectual Servants or Moral Critics? China's former underground CCP Members' Unresolved Inner Conflicts after 1949

Student: YU Wing Yun Verna (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY


Teaching the "China Model"? The Rise of Chinese Training Programmes for Foreign Officials

Student: YANG Kai (MPhil)

Supervisor: Prof. Christoph STEINHARDT (till 2017/18 Term 1)

                   Prof. LI Lianjiang and Prof. LI Chen (since 2017/18 Term 2)


Living with the Forest: Pickers of Medical Plants in Southwestern China in the 1930s

Student: YAO Wuyutong (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY


Creating the New Working Class – Worker Sports in the Early PRC Years

Student: WU Yiyang (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY


Protecting the Nation and Quelling Disasters: Buddhist Activism in Wartime Chengdu, 1937-1945

Student: YAN Yiqiao (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY


Cooperation and Comprise: Shanghai Democratic Women Federation (SDWF) in Mass Mobilization of Shanghai (1949~1953)

Student: JIA Luyang (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY


Song Lian 宋濂 (1310-1381) and the Unity of Three Teachings during the Yuan-Ming Transition

Student: LU Chentong (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. John LAGERWEY


Translocal Chinese Religiosity in Southeast Asia: Kek Lok Monastery and the Rise of Chinese Monastic Buddhism in Penang, 1887-1987

Student: Todd KLAIMAN (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY


Home on the Margins: The Tsowas of the Chone Kingdom on the Sino-Tibetan Frontier, 1880-1965

Student: YANG Zhiqiang (MARNYI Gyatso) (PhD)

Supervisor: Prof. Jan KIELY

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