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Teaching the "China Model"? The Rise of Chinese Training Programmes for Foreign Officials


MPhil, 2019


Song Lian 宋濂 (1310-1381) and the Unity of Three Teachings during the Yuan-Ming Transition

LU Chentong

PhD, 2019


Portraits from Formosa: Visual Documents and Taiwan's Colonial History (1895-1960)

MA Kuo-an

PhD, 2017


Jianghou Village in Southeast Hunan Province


MPhil, 2017


State and Society in the Spread of the Dongyue Cult Song through Yuan


MPhil, 2017


When Local Beliefs Encounter Global Heritage: A case study of Temple Islands from Eastern Shandong, China

MA Huijuan

PhD, 2017


Song Lian and His Confucian-Daoist Unity

LU Chentong

MPhil, 2016


An Qi: The Art Patronage and Connoisseurship of an Eighteenth-century Art Collector

KIM Young

MPhil, 2016


A Brief Note on Demonic Swarms in Nüxian waishi (《女仙外史》)

NG Kum Hoon

PhD, 2016


History and Transmission of Daoist Spirit-Writing Altars in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Fei Ngan Tung Buddhism and Daoism Society


PhD, 2015


Adapting with the Times: Faija Law and State Development

Brandon KING

PhD, 2015


Arguing for Justice: Public Opinion and Criminal Justice Reform in Contemporary China


PhD, 2014


State Autocracy or Gentry Hegemony? State-Society Relationship in Suzhou Province, 1860-1865

YANG Shengyu

MPhil, 2014


Familiarity in the Unfamiliar: The Greater China Educational Journey Mainland Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong

Annemarelle Jantine VAN SCHAYIK

MPhil, 2014


A Research on Shijiao –The Ritual Traditions of Fashi in South China

HUANG Jianxing

PhD, 2013


Perception of Sinograms: Traditional vs Simplified

YANG Ruoxiao

PhD, 2013


Missionaries, Women, and Health Care: History of Nursing in Colonial Hong Kong (1887-1942)

KANG Jong Hyuk David

PhD, 2013


Re-evaluating Political Performatives of PRC: The Historical Trajectory of Laosanpian

Paul Zilungisele TEMBO

PhD, 2013


Warrior Gods and the Song-Yuan Transformation of Daoism

LIU Jingyu

MPhil, 2011


Sound Changes in Hong Kong Cantonese: A Multi-perspective Study

WONG Ying Wai

PhD, 2011


The Construction of Women as National Body in Twentieth Century China: “Robust Beauty Girls” and “Iron Maidens”


MPhil, 2011


Imagining Yunnan: The Political Economy of Spatial Relations in Contemporary Southwest China

Timothy Andrew SUMMERS

PhD, 2010


The Hong Kong Crime Film: Genre and Film Noir from the 1940s to the Present


PhD, 2010


A New Perspective on the Taiping Tianguo: Charismatic Leadership and Revitalization Movement

HAN Ju Hee

MPhil, 2009

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