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The Centre for China Studies (CCS) is committed to teaching and research in Chinese Studies.


Our degree programmes – all conducted in English – aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills to pursue successful international careers involving China. From our undergraduate BA to our graduate MA, MPhil, and PhD programmes in Chinese Studies, we are committed to hands-on teaching and learning about China. The Chinese University Library and the University Services Centre hold an extensive collection of ancient and modern Chinese scholarship, and count among the best libraries in the world for China Studies. In addition, the Chinese art collection maintained by the Institute of Chinese Studies provides students with up-close contact with historical artifacts and artwork, using the China of yesterday to illuminate the China of today.


We believe that our location in Hong Kong provides the ideal environment in which to pursue Chinese scholarship. Hong Kong is a vibrant world city where global cultures meet, mix, and mesh. In Hong Kong, traditional Chinese culture comes alive in a contemporary Chinese metropolis.

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