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Yiwei ID Photo 100

MPhil Student

  Room 1117, 11/F,
     Yasumoto International
     Academic Park


Academic Background

MA Comparative and Public History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

BSocSc European Studies (French), Hong Kong Baptist University

Thesis Title

Hedging Two Incongruous Worlds: Livelihood and Identity of Mainland Professionals in Hong Kong

Summary of Thesis Project

This is an anthropological study of the understudied Mainland Professionals in Hong Kong (MPHKs). Through multi-sited field research and in-depth interview, this study takes the target group as a starting point to examine the sociocultural and political implications of cross-border mobility and flexible citizenship. It focuses on the strategies and self-positioning of these high-skilled immigrants navigating through the “one country two systems.” It zooms in on the professionals’ daily lives under increasing tensions between Hong Kong and mainland China. Ethnographic findings show how high-skilled mainlanders utilize Hong Kong’s unique political system to achieve flexibility and how the national space constrains this flexibility. It also reveals how their positioning is shaped by local narratives, national ideology, international immigration pattern, and Hong Kong’s unique status within the Greater China.

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