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Academic Background

PhD Political Science, Sciences Po Paris

Research Master’s degree Comparative Politics, Asia, Sciences Po Paris

Research Interest

  • Urban anthropology, urban exploration and the study of Chinese cities
  • The ethnography of economic decline: a study on shrinking cities in mainland China
  • Political sociology: new perspectives on the intermediary bodies of the PRC (mass organizations, residents' committees, etc.)
  • Political ethnography: a study on micro-local power networks in three neighbourhoods of Beijing

Current Research

  • Urban exploration: abandoned places and contemporary ruins in the PRC
  • A sociology of the declining coal industry in Datong (Shanxi): shantytown renewal in the Mining District and the incomplete reconversion of the city

Courses Offered

CHES5106 Selected Themes on Chinese Anthropology
 - Culture and Society in China
CHES5135 State and Civil Society in Contemporary China

Selected Publications

2017 "Civic duty, moral responsibility and games of reciprocity: an ethnography of resident-volunteers in Beiing’s neighbourhoods", China Perspectives.
2015 "Governing through the neighbourhood community in China, an ethnography of the participatory bureaucratization of residents’ committees in Beijing", Revue Française de Science Politique, vol. 65, n1, p. 85-110.