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Assistant Professor

  Room 1108, 11/F,
     Yasumoto International
     Academic Park

   3943 9542
   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Academic Background

PhD Development Studies, University of Cambridge

MPhil Development Studies, University of Cambridge

BA Economics and LLB International Relations, Peking University

Research Interest

  • Political Economy
  • Public Policy and Growth Strategy
  • Governance & Institutional Analysis
  • Regulation and Financial Development
  • Business History
  • Value Investing and Security Analysis

Current Research

  • The political economy of China's large state enterprise reform
  • China's central state corporatism and centrally-controlled business groups
  • Policy regimes and China's financial market development
  • Industrial policy and regional development models in China
  • Bureaucracy, property rights infrastructure and China's economic governance

Courses Offered

CCSS1007 Introduction to the Chinese Economy
CCSS2450 Business and China
CCSS3102 Contemporary China: Summer Fieldwork
CCSS3550 Political Economy of China’s Reform
CCSS3610 Investment and Finance in China
CHES2102 China’s Business Environment in Historical Perspective
CHES3002 China's Financial Reforms: Problems and Perspectives

Selected Publications

2020 Grey Rhino, Not a Black Swan, China Daily, Global Edition, 26 March, 2020
2020 Hong Kong’s Economy in 2019 and Outlook for 2020, East Asian Institute (EAI) Background Briefs No. 1499, East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore.
2020 Promise of Virtual Money, China Daily, Global Edition, 14 February, 2020.
2019 No Time for Complacency, China Daily, Global Edition, 13 December, 2019.
2019 Quick Fixes Won't Be Enough for Hong Kong, China Daily, Global Edition, 01 November, 2019.
2019 Patient Capital in Impatient Times, China Daily, Global Edition, 28 August, 2019.
2019 Financing China’s Innovation Economy, China Daily, Global Edition, 7 August, 2019.
2019 Asia’s “Flying Geese”, China Daily, Global Edition, 22 July, 2019.
2019 “China’s Central State Corporatism: the Party and the Governance of Centrally Controlled Businesses”, in Lance L.P. Gore and Zheng Yongnian eds, The Chinese Communist Party in Action: Consolidating Party Rule. China Policy Series. Routledge, 2019.
2016 Review of China’s Evolving Industrial Policies and Economic Restructuring, edited by Yongnian Zheng and Sarah Y. Tong. London and New York: Routledge, 2014. Pacific Affairs, 89(4):868-870.
2016 Holding “China Inc.” Together: The CCP and The Rise of China's Yangqi, The China Quarterly 228 (December): 927-949.
2015          China's Centralized Industrial Order: Industrial Reform and the Rise of Centrally Controlled Big Business (Routledge Studies on the Chinese Economy). London and New York: Routledge.
2013 Li Chen, Xiao Geng and Andrew Sheng, "China's Evolving Growth Model", in Fung Global Institute Working Paper. Hong Kong: Fung Global Institute.
2013 Li Chen, Xiao Geng and Andrew Sheng, "The Story of Foshan City: Rethinking the Role of State and Market in China's Modernization", in the Framework Chapter, Fung Global Institute Working Research Report. Hong Kong: Fung Global Institute.
2010 How Inevitable is a 'Clash of Civilizations'? Journal of Cambridge Studies/Cambridge Journal of China Studies, 5 (2-3): 104-116.
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