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Hong Kong | BSSc admitted in 2018-19


This program is perfectly designed for students who are considering a career in China. With the exclusive opportunity to experience China through field trips, CCS provides the basis for students from any background to understand China empirically.




LAU Yat Ying

Hong Kong | BSSc admitted in 2017-18


CCS…provided me an unforgettable exchange journey in Beijing which let me see the real China from a ‘local’ perspective.




HUSSAIN Farhan Syed

India | BA admitted in 2017-18


Studying this programme at CUHK helped me to have a comprehensive understanding of China in various aspects, and to interact with people from around the globe.




BLISS Austin

USA | BSSc admitted in 2016-17


Fully understanding China is a lifelong goal of mine that is impossible to ever achieve, but CCS is an integral part of this endeavor. This programme has provided me with the best platform available to study China and prepare myself for a future in the country.





Hong Kong | BA admitted in 2016-17


The field study course in mainland China is a vital experience in which we can meet and interact with locals, and immerse ourselves in Chinese culture.





Japan | BSSc admitted in 2015-16


I choose Contemporary China Studies because I have the interest to study more about China from the social science perspective. I have lived in China for 10 years and that experience motivated me to get into this programme. Learning together with all the other students from different cultural backgrounds in one place is really a great experience for me.





Russia | BSSc admitted in 2015-16


I am so thankful to the Contemporary China Studies programme at CUHK, especially for the semester long exchange study at Peking University. It was simply amazing! I learned so much during my stay… The most memorable experience was visiting the family of one of my local friends in her home province, Shandong.




PORTEN Daniel Patrick

Germany | BSSc admitted in 2015-16


It is an incredible feeling to connect to other students from all over the world sharing the same interests in ancient and modern China.




LAU Cho Ki

Hong Kong | BA admitted in 2014-15


My first year in CCS is absolutely rewarding. The courses are diverse and insightful. CUHK provides some of the world's best libraries for China Studies. Overall, I am very satisfied with my Major programme.





LAU Wing

Hong Kong | BA admitted in 2014-15


I enjoy studying this programme so much because it facilitates the cultural exchange between all the CCS fellows who come from different countries. My classmates always teach me the usage of their native languages while I help them on the study of Chinese and Cantonese.





USA | BSSc admitted in 2014-15


The great thing about CCS courses is that they are not only diverse courses available for studying all aspects of modern and ancient Chinese relations, but the students are also equally diverse, with a large mix of international, local and exchange students all studying, sharing and debating together.





Japan | BA admitted in 2013-14


When I was studying international relations at a university in Japan, the information I found about China was very limited. I wanted more perspectives. If I stayed in Japan, I would only get the Japanese point of view.





HO Chi Man

Hong Kong | BSSc admitted in 2013-14


The programme provides me a great chance not only to study more about China but also, in such an international learning environment with classmates from all over the world, to further equip myself with international horizons and multi-language proficiency such as English and Mandarin.




NG Earl Christianson

Philippines | 2015 Graduate of the former BA programme


This program doesn't just teach you about China, it teaches you how to understand, how to approach a topic with fervor and gusto. How to tackle a problem and understand an issue from multiple perspectives. To not just accept the majority consensus, but to challenge it, and ensure that it is true.

Press coverage: Cebu Daily News, Manila Bulletin





UK | 2014 Graduate of the former BA programme | First placment > Postgraduate study at the University of Oxford


CUHK acts as a microcosm for Hong Kong itself. The hustle and bustle of it is great, as is the mellow tranquility of the mountains here. I love the paradox. It’s also really friendly, and you can network very easily.





Hong Kong | 2012 Graduate of the former BA programme | First placement > Administrative Officer at HKSAR Government and Hong Kong Regional Program Manager at Enactus


Though an ethnic Chinese apparently with some 'knowledge' of China, I am amazed at and grateful for how profoundly the program has renewed, improved and deepened my understanding of the country and the world. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone with a thirst for intellectual challenges and cross-cultural friendships.





CCS…provided me an unforgettable exchange journey in Beijing which let me see the real China from a ‘local’ perspective.

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