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Courses offered in 2021-22 Term 1

  • CHES1000 Introduction to Chinese Studies
  • CHES1001 Chinese Languages, Past and Present – Sound and Script
  • CHES1002 Chinese Languages, Past and Present – Text and Translation
  • CHES1100 Unofficial China
  • CHES2002 Chinese Culture and Society in Transformation
  • CHES2107 An Introduction to the Development of Science and Technology in China
  • CHES2109 State and Market in Modern China
  • CHES3006 China’s Strategic and Diplomatic Cultures
  • CHES3011 Financialization and China’s Development
  • CHES3101 China on Screen
  • CHES3105 Cultural History of China
  • CHES3200 Advanced Chinese Literature Seminar
  • CHES3402 China Experience Internship
  • CHES3500 Chinese Studies Research Methods



Courses offered in 2021-22 Term 2

  • CHES2001 Modern Chinese History
  • CHES2100 The Cultural Revolution
  • CHES2105 Modern Chinese Literature
  • CHES3003 China Under Mao
  • CHES3004 Media China
  • CHES3012 Trauma and Memory
  • CHES3402 China Experience Internship
  • CHES4001 Research on Chinese Texts I
  • CHES4500 Thesis Research Paper







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