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The Master of Arts in Chinese Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong is a flexible, one-year programme taught and examined in English and designed to accommodate a wide range of interests and needs for graduate training in Chinese Studies.


The Programme promotes the interdisciplinary study of China and is designed to enhance your career potential. The career paths chosen by our graduates are diverse. Some go on to MBA, JD, or PhD programmes; others find employment in media, business or finance, or find positions in government or international agencies. Yet others pursue careers in secondary school teaching or work for non-profit organizations. Regardless of your future plans, the Programme aims to provide you with the knowledge of China necessary to reach your career and personal goals.


Graduates of the MA in Chinese Studies Programme will:


  • understand how different disciplines shape and how knowledge is produced in the field of Chinese Studies;
  • have developed good reading, critical thinking, and writing skills in a selected area of scholarly inquiry;
  • have experience in research activities and an understanding of research ethics;
  • look at China from an interdisciplinary perspective and with an imaginative approach as they pursue their own particular curricular and/or career paths.


If Chinese Studies interests you, we encourage you to join us for further study here in Hong Kong, the gateway to China.


MA Higlights 

Graduates’ Words


Yang yuhao


YANG Yuhao

China | MA 2020


After studying on the MA in Chinese Studies (ICC stream) I gained a comprehensive understanding of different aspects of China, such as national strategy and regional development, as well as institutional development. Based on the flexible and in-depth learning schedule I was able to benefit from the excellent lectures and cultivate my thinking about China studies in professional and academic ways. This will be really useful for my future career. Thank you to all of the lecturers and staff!


alex preis


Alexandria Geneva PREIS

USA | MA 2019


The Chinese Studies Programme at CUHK helped to enrich and further my understanding of China. The programme offered me flexibility to study Chinese political topics that most piqued my curiosity while providing some of the world’s best China scholars to help guide my way. Contentious political issues can be objectively and openly discussed in the intimate classroom settings the Centre provides. The programme challenged my previous way of thinking, allowing me to not only grow academically but also as a global-minded citizen.




WU Yueqian

China | MA 2019


The study experience at CCS was very fulfilling and memorable for me. The Centre’s interdisciplinary courses touch on different areas, such as Chinese literature, film, art history, anthropology etc., generating sparks in my mind and broadening my horizon. Most importantly, the methods I learned in class are helpful, no matter in work or in further studies. I am so grateful to the teachers who are not only excellent scholars, but also very patient and kind to us. I felt myself making progress every day with their help and guidance. Chinese Studies taught me more about the world and about myself in the past year. I will always take my time at CCS as a great fortune!




SHI Yang

China | MA 2017


The MA in Chinese Studies at CCS gave me a different perspective on China. Here, I was able to study a wide range of topics involving my home country, including Chinese history, contemporary art, literature, politics, economics and more. Not only did I gain a lot of knowledge from the well-organized curriculum taught by passionate teachers, discussions with my fellow classmates also opened up a lot of new perspectives to me. Thank you very much and I love you, CCS!



SIRAIT Nova Marina

Indonesia | MA 2017


After spending one year at CUHK, I think my decision to join the MA in Chinese Studies is the best decision I ever made! Hong Kong is geographically, historically and culturally linked to China, making it the best place to study any China-related topic in an open academic environment. This programme moreover offered several courses which went beyond my expectations. It is not limited to contemporary China's politics, economy and society, but also covered topics in China’s rich history and culture. Thanks to its experienced professors and lecturers, this programme helped me to boost my knowledge, especially about China's foreign and regional policy, which are very beneficial to support my future PhD studies and career as a lecturer in Indonesia.





Poland | MA 2014


The MA in Chinese Studies programme not only offers a wide range of courses on Chinese economy, politics, culture and international relations, but also gives students a chance to learn from incredible professors and to get to know peers with a broad understanding of Asian society. The MA programme was a turning point for my career. It enabled my adaptation and integration into Chinese society – including its competitive work environment!






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