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Buddhist Monks, Lay Buddhist Local Elites, and Wartime Relief Activism in Chengdu and Chongqing, 1938-1945

YAN Yiqiao

MPhil, 2020


Tsowas of the Chone Kingdom on the Sino-Tibertan Frontier, 1880-1965

YANG Zhiqiang (MARNYI Gyatso)

PhD, 2020


Teaching the "China Model"? The Rise of Chinese Training Programmes for Foreign Officials


MPhil, 2019


Song Lian 宋濂 (1310-1381) and the Unity of Three Teachings during the Yuan-Ming Transition

LU Chentong

PhD, 2019


Portraits from Formosa: Visual Documents and Taiwan's Colonial History (1895-1960)

MA Kuo-an

PhD, 2017


The creation of lineages : Chishi area in southeastern Hunan in late imperial China


MPhil, 2017


State and Society in the Spread of the Dongyue Cult Song through Yuan


MPhil, 2017


When Local Beliefs Encounter Global Heritage: A case study of Temple Islands from Eastern Shandong, China

MA Huijuan

PhD, 2017


Song Lian and His Confucian-Daoist Unity

LU Chentong

MPhil, 2016


An Qi: The Art Patronage and Connoisseurship of an Eighteenth-century Art Collector

KIM Young

MPhil, 2016


A Brief Note on Demonic Swarms in Nüxian waishi (《女仙外史》)

NG Kum Hoon

PhD, 2016


History and Transmission of Daoist Spirit-Writing Altars in Hong Kong: A Case Study of Fei Ngan Tung Buddhism and Daoism Society


PhD, 2015


Adapting with the Times: Faija Law and State Development

Brandon KING

PhD, 2015


Arguing for Justice: Public Opinion and Criminal Justice Reform in Contemporary China


PhD, 2014


State Autocracy or Gentry Hegemony? State-Society Relationship in Suzhou Province, 1860-1865

YANG Shengyu

MPhil, 2014


Familiarity in the Unfamiliar: The Greater China Educational Journey Mainland Postgraduate Students in Hong Kong

Annemarelle Jantine VAN SCHAYIK

MPhil, 2014


A Research on Shijiao –The Ritual Traditions of Fashi in South China

HUANG Jianxing

PhD, 2013


Perception of Sinograms: Traditional vs Simplified

YANG Ruoxiao

PhD, 2013


Missionaries, Women, and Health Care: History of Nursing in Colonial Hong Kong (1887-1942)

KANG Jong Hyuk David

PhD, 2013


Re-evaluating Political Performatives of PRC: The Historical Trajectory of Laosanpian

Paul Zilungisele TEMBO

PhD, 2013


Warrior Gods and the Song-Yuan Transformation of Daoism

LIU Jingyu

MPhil, 2011


Sound Changes in Hong Kong Cantonese: A Multi-perspective Study

WONG Ying Wai

PhD, 2011


The Construction of Women as National Body in Twentieth Century China: “Robust Beauty Girls” and “Iron Maidens”


MPhil, 2011


Imagining Yunnan: The Political Economy of Spatial Relations in Contemporary Southwest China

Timothy Andrew SUMMERS

PhD, 2010


The Hong Kong Crime Film: Genre and Film Noir from the 1940s to the Present


PhD, 2010


A New Perspective on the Taiping Tianguo: Charismatic Leadership and Revitalization Movement

HAN Ju Hee

MPhil, 2009

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