Adjunct Professor (1st Term)

PhD, Chinese Literature, Harvard University

Ph.D. in Chinese Studies at Harvard in 1975, longtime member of the Ecole française d’Extrême-Orient (1977-2000) and Chair Professor of Daoism and Chinese Religions at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (2000-2011), John Lagerwey is currently Adjunct Professor of Chinese Studies in the Centre for Chinese Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is chief editor of some 40 volumes of ethnographic research and of eight volumes (Brill) on periods of paradigm shift in Chinese religious history. He has also published extensively on the history of Daoist ritual. His most recent authored book is China, a religious state (HKU Press, 2010).

Research Interests:

  • Chinese religion
  • Daoism
  • history of local society

Representative Publications

Books and Edited Volumes


Lagerwey, John and Wang, Zhenzhong. Traditional Society in Huizhou Series. Shanghai: Fudan University Press, 2013.


Lagerwey, John. China: A Religious State. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2010.


Lagerwey, John. Taoist Ritual in Chinese Society and History, New York: Macmillan, 1987.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters


Lagerwey, John. “Evil and its Treatment in Early Taoism.” in Probing the Depths of Evil and Good: Multireligious Views and Case Studies, edited by Jerald D. Gort, Henry Jansen and Hendrik M. Vroom (Currents of Encounter33), Amsterdam/New York, 73-86.


Lagerwey, John. “The Old Lord’s Scripture for the Chanting of the Commandments” in Purposes, Means and Convictions? in Daoism: A Berlin Symposium, edited by Florian Reiter, 2007.


Lagerwey, John. “Introduction” in 銅鼓縣的傳統經濟與民俗文化, Traditional Hakka Society Series edited by Liu Jinfeng and Lai Wenfeng. EFEO, Overseas Chinese Archives of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006.


Lagerwey, John. “Zhengyi Registers,” Journal of Chinese Studies Special Issue (Chinese University of Hong Kong). Institute of Chinese Studies Visiting Professor Lecture Series (I), 35-88.


Lagerwey, John. “Introduction.” in 寧化縣的宗族、經濟與民俗, Traditional Hakka Society Series, edited by Yang Yanjie. EFEO, Overseas Chinese Archives of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2005.


Lagerwey, John. “Introduction.” in 吉安市的宗族、經濟與文化, Traditional Hakka Society Series, edited by Liu Jinfeng and Geng Yanpeng. EFEO, Overseas Chinese Archives of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2005.


Lagerwey, John. “Scriptures are the Dregs of the Men of Old: Scripture and Practice in Comparative Perspective,” in Scripture, Schools and Forms of Practice in Daoism: A Berlin Symposium,” edited by Poul Andersen and Florian Reiter. Wiesbaden, Harrassowitz Verlag, 2005.


Lagerwey, John. “Les chercheurs d’immortalite : Dieux, ancetres et Immortels dans la Chine antique” in La mort et l’immortalite : encyclopedie des savoirs et des croyances, edited by Frederic Lenoir et Jean-Philippe de Tonnac (Bayard Presses), 2004.


Lagerwey, John. “Dingguang Gufo: Oral and Written Sources in the Study of a Saint” in Cultes des sites, cultes des saints, edited by Franciscus Verellen (CEA 10), 1998.


Lagerwey, John. “The Pilgrimage to Wudangshan” in  Pilgrims and Sacred Sites in China, edited by Susan Naquin and Yü Chun-fang. Berkeley, University of California Press, 1992.

Courses Offered

CHES3105 Cultural History of China
CHES6002 Critical Cultural History of China: Modern China