Siyi LI

Part-time Lecturer

PhD in Cultural Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Siyi Li is currently a lecturer working in the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong. He obtained his PhD in Cultural Studies and M.A. in Intercultural Studies as well as Linguistics from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and his B.A. in Humanities from Wuhan University, China. He was a visiting fellow at Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University from 2016 to 2017. Li’s research interests include modernity and modernism, critical theories, visual studies, philosophy of technology, and modern Chinese literature and culture. His Ph.D. dissertation was turned into his first academic monograph, Railway Modernity in China, 1840-1937 (Taipei: 2020), which is the first book-length study of trains and railways from the late Qing to the Republican China from the perspective of modernity and cultural representation. His recent teaching joins the field of cultural theories, literary studies, and intellectual history with course titles of “Introduction to Cultural Theories,” “Film and Literature,” and “From Tradition to Modernity: Selected Readings of 20th Century Chinese Culture.” 

Research interests: modernity and modernism, modern Chinese literature and culture, critical theories, visual & technological studies 

Representative Publications

Books and Edited Volumes


Railway Modernity: the Cultural Representations and Experience of Time-Space from the Late Qing to Republican China 《鐵路現代性:晚清至民國的時空體驗與文化想像》 台北:時報出版社


Ten Lessons on Literature and Film 《文學與電影十講》香港:中華書局)

Journal Articles & Book Chapters


“The Planed Self: On Yu Dafu’s Railway Journeys and Landscape Writing,” <平面化的自我:郁達夫的鐵路旅行與風景書寫>,王德威、季進劉劍梅主編:《當代人文的三個方向:夏志清、李歐梵、劉再復》 香港:三聯書店,2020年,頁320-332。


“Encountering the Strangers: The Trial of Desire in Shi Zhecun‘s Works on Railway Journey,” in Chinese Modern Literature, Issue 37, Taipei: Association of the Study of Chinese Modern Literature, June 2020: 87-104. (<旅途中的陌生人:施蟄存筆下的慾望試煉>,《中國現代文學半年刊》,2020年6月總第三十七期,台北:中國現代文學學會,頁87-104。)


“The Crisis of Trust and Deceptive Practices in Zhang Henshui’s Shanghai Express,” in Journal of Modern Chinese Literature, Issue 3, Shanghai: East China Normal University, June 2020: 39-45. (<张恨水《平沪通车》中的信任危机与欺诈游戏>,《現代中文學刊》,2020年6月第3期,上海:華東師範大學,頁39-45。)


“Imagining and Mapping a Nation State: On Sun Yat-Sen’s Railway Thoughts and Plans,” in Journal of the History of Ideas in East Asia, Issue 14, Taipei: National Chengchi University, June 2018: 359-406. (<民族國家的想像與測繪:孫中山的鐵路夢>,《東亞觀念史集刊》第十四期,台北:國立政治大學,2018年6月,頁359-406。)


“The Subject Decides to Die: An Interpretation of Hegel and Lacan’s Theories of Subjects,” in Cultural Studies Bimonthly, Issue 147, Taipei: Cultural Studies Association, November 2014: 23-38. (<主體決定去死: 對黑格爾與拉岡主體理論的一種闡釋>, 《文化研究季刊》,2014年總第147期,台北:台灣文化研究學會,頁23-38.)


“The Paradox between Body and Dialectics,” in Wuda Philosophical Review, Issue 11, Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, October 2013: 84-97. (<身體與辯證法的悖論>,哲學評論2013年第11輯,北京:中國社會科學出版社,頁84-97.)



Bertrand Russell, Selected Works. 伯特南·羅素,《人是否平庸,要看他无聊时做什么》李思逸編譯 (北京:中國文聯出版社,2022年4月。)


Peg Tittle, What If….Collected Thought Experiments in Philosophy. 佩格·蒂特尔,《图利的猫:史上最著名的116个思想悖论》 李思逸譯(重慶:重慶大學出版社,2012年5月)

Current Research Projects

The Reason and Logic of May Fourth Writers and Intellectuals

Railway Modernity in China: The Wartime Experience and Its Cultural Representations, 1937-1958

Courses Offered

CHES 4001 Research On Chinese Texts I