Séverine ARSÈNE

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ph.D, Political Science, Sciences Po, Paris

A political scientist by training, I discovered China first as a student, then a PhD candidate in Beijing in the mid-2000s. I later came to Hong Kong as a researcher, a teacher, and an editor. I have been researching the rise of China as a digital power for most of the last two decades. I use a multidisciplinary perspective to enlighten the joint transformation of society and technology through social, political, anthropological perspectives, and mostly through interviews and qualitative analysis of official documents and the press.

Research Interests:

  • Chinese Politics
  • the digital, social media, artificial intelligence
  • transformations of Chinese society
  • research methods in China studies

Representative Publications

Books and Edited Volumes


Arsène, Séverine. Internet et politique en Chine: les contours normatifs de la contestation. Karthala Editions, 2011.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters


Arsène, Séverine. “China, Information Technology, and Global Freedom of Expression” in Regardless of Frontiers. Columbia University Press, 2021.


Arsène, Séverine. “Global Internet Governance in Chinese Academic Literature. Rebalancing a Hegemonic World Order?” China Perspectives2016(2016/2), 25-35.

Arsène, Séverine. “Editorial.” China Perspectives, 4 (104), 3–4.

Arsène, Séverine. “Internet domain names in China. articulating local control with global connectivity.” China Perspectives2015(2015/4), 25-34.



Arsène, Séverine. “Complicating Online Nationalism. “ China Perspectives.


Arsène, Séverine. “China’s social credit system: A chimera with real claws.” Asie.Visions, No. 110.


Arsène, Séverine. “China, Internet Governance and the Global Public Interest” in A new responsible power China?, edited by Ines Sieckmann and Odila Triebel. Stuttgart: Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, 2018.


Arsène, Séverine. “Tech giants’ agenda is at odds with CCP priorities.” Asia Dialogue.


Arsène, Séverine. ” Trust in Ratings: China’s Social Credit System.” Asia Global Online, 17 May 2018.


Arsène, Séverine. “China perspectives amidst scientific change and digitalisation.” China Perspectives2017(2017/3), 3-5.


Arsène, Séverine. “The Chinese ICT development strategy in Africa. Transparency, sovereignty and soft power” in Diplomacy, development and security in the information agem edited by Shanthi Kalathil. Washington DC: Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University, 2013.

Current Research Projects

The social credit system 

China, AI and globalization

Courses Offered

CHES3004 Media China
CHES3500 Chinese Studies Research Methods
CHES5102 Selected Themes on Chinese International Relations
CHES5110 Selected Themes on Chinese Media