MPhil candidate in Chinese Studies, admitted in 2021
MA in Chinese Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
BA in Chinese Studies, The University of Hong Kong

By selecting some most famous and successful “main melody” films produced by the party-state as well as the private producers, this research aims to answer several questions regarding to China’s rising geopolitical and global ambition and its representations in Chinese “main melody” movies through the analysis of the significant discursive changes of the “main melody” movies in recent decade. Meanwhile, the research will also discover the influence of the commercialization mechanism to “main melody” movies, arguing that the commercialization of “main melody” movies stimulates the “main melody” genre on the one hand; enhances the dominant power of the state ideology apparatuses on the other.

Current Research Projects

Commercialized Nationalism and Nationalized Commerce: Chinese “Main Melody” Movies in 2010s.