MPhil candidate in Chinese Studies, admitted in 2023

To advance in-depth understandings of the complex, dynamic literary realism in China, my research on Chinese non-fictional narratives is underpinned by media studies and literature studies, with ambitions of critically applying and innovatively developing the theoretical framework of hauntology. Ranging from reportage, online text-based storytelling to podcasts and even indie music, Chinese nonfiction reassures tales of ordinariness by organising events in language for us and also enables essential words for some ways of life in times of social changes. Hence, my proposed project will delve into not only the representations of different subjects in these literary works, but also the relationships between media, techniques, and literature, as well as the intertextuality of literary narratives and socio-cultural discourses.

Alongside my focus on Chinese Nonfictional Narratives, my academic interests (also some anchor points for the haunting subjects in Chinese nonfiction literature) include: Chinese modern and contemporary literature, transcultural queer politics, neo-Marxism, new literacy, postcolonialism, media, co-creative research methods, etc.

Current Research Projects

Haunting Reality in Chinese Non-fictional Narratives