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China Seminar II

China Studies Seminar on 20 June

China Studies Seminar on 22 April: Contemporary History of China: The Successes and Limits of Unofficial (minjian) History

China Seminar I

China Studies Seminar on 22 April

China Studies Seminar on 23 November: Small Banks, Big Politics: The Cause and Consequences of Bank Proliferation in China

China Studies Seminar on 18 April

Jacqueline Zhenru LIN

China Studies Distinguished Visiting Scholar Seminar on 15 March

Xiaoxuan WANG

China Studies Seminar on 30 April



China Studies Seminar on 26 March

Yunwen GAO

Carole Hang-fung HOYAN

China Studies Seminar on 28 February

China Studies Seminar on 6 December

The Sixteenth Graduate Seminar on Modern and Contemporary China (4-5 January 2024)

Advanced Chinese Seminar

CCS China Studies Seminar on 23 Sep: Iridescent Corners: Sinophone Flash Fiction in Singapore

Course List

Congratulation to Professor Lin – Academia Sinica visit

Faculty Projects

Research Impacts

Youth in China

Congratulations to Professor Minhua Ling!

China Seminar I

China Seminar II

Independent Study Project

Chinese Art in the World after 1900: Aesthetics and History

Chinese Painting: Aesthetics and History

Capstone Research Paper/Thesis Research Paper

Book Launch Seminar: Youth Cultures in China

Modern Chinese Literature

Advanced Chinese Literature Seminar

Urban China

CCS Visiting Speaker Series: ‘Book Launch Seminar: Youth Cultures in China’

Luncheon Seminar Series: Is Economic Liberalism a Threat to Autocrats? The Role of Ideology in Public Perceptions of the State’s Economic Performance in China

USC Seminar on “Cyberdualism in China: The Political Implications of Internet Exposure of Educated Youth”

China Seminar II

China Seminar I

Professor Li was invited by KITA to give a keynote presentation