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Yunwen GAO

Congratulations to Professor Minhua Ling!


Jacqueline Zhenru LIN

Minhua LING

Advanced Chinese Literature Seminar

China Seminar II

Chinese Art in the World after 1900: Aesthetics and History


China Seminar I

Book Launch Seminar: Youth Cultures in China

Chinese Painting: Aesthetics and History

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GSOC 2022

Independent Study Project

CCS Visiting Speaker Series: ‘Book Launch Seminar: Youth Cultures in China’

Luncheon Seminar Series: Is Economic Liberalism a Threat to Autocrats? The Role of Ideology in Public Perceptions of the State’s Economic Performance in China

USC Seminar on “Cyberdualism in China: The Political Implications of Internet Exposure of Educated Youth”

Professor Li was invited by KITA to give a keynote presentation