We are proud to announce that one of our MA in Chinese Studies students this year, Ms. REN Ruiqi, recently had two academic articles published to which she contributed as a co-author. Our heartfelt congratulations to Ruiqi!

The two publications can be found here:

陆丹琦 & 任瑞琪. (2024). 成龙电影“顿进追逐”动作风格的计量考察.  北京电影学院学报 (04),77-87.

Lu, D., Tang, T., Phua, J.J.Y., Ren, R., Allen, J. (2024). Family-Nation Narrative: Representations of the Family Unit in China Central Television (CCTV) Spring Festival Gala’s Comedy Sketches, 1983–2022. In: Wilson, B., Osman, S.A. (eds) The Asian Family