Course Code

CHES2107/ UGEA2433

Course Name

Introduction to the Development of Science and Technology in China


2:30pm - 5:15pm




Mr. William Moriarty

Teaching Assistant

Kelvin Wu

Course Description

Science and technology in China from antiquity to the present is surveyed through the study of a wide range of topics, such as philosophy, science and technology in the West, scientific thought and concepts in ancient China, among others. Particular emphasis is given to science and technology and its relationship to Chinese culture and history. We will explore two important questions throughout the course: what were the conditions for the development of modern science in China, and what was the role of science and technology in modernisation?

Course Outline

Week 1—Introduction and Ancient Philosophical Traditions (8 September)

Week 2— Science and Technology outside of China 1 (15 September)

Week 3— Science and Technology outside of China 2 (22 September)

Week 4— Scientific Thought and Concepts of Nature in Ancient China (29 September)

Week 5—  Traditional Chinese Mathematics and Engineering (6 October)

Week 6— Traditional Chinese Astronomy, Cartography, and Magnetism (13 October)

Week 7— Chinese Medicine and Health (20 October)

Week 8— Pre-modern Advances in Chinese Science and Technology (27 October)

Week 9— Early Introduction of Western Science in China (3 November)

Week 10— Science and Technology after 1840 (10 November)

Week 11— Science and Technology from 1949 to the 1980s (17 November)

Week 12— Innovation and Technology since the 1980s (24 November)

Week 13— In-class Presentation of Your Final Paper (1 December)

Assessment & Assignments

Participation (25%)

Quizzes (25%)

Paper (50%)

Honesty in Academic Work

Attention is drawn to University policy and regulations on honesty in academic work, and to the disciplinary guidelines and procedures applicable to breaches of such policy and regulations. Details may be found at With each assignment, students will be required to submit a signed declaration that they are aware of the policies, regulations and procedures.