Dear Chinese Studies Students,

A special welcome to all first year Chinese Studies majors: As you begin your journey in Chinese studies, you will learn about different aspects and gain new perspectives about Chinese societies. Please bring an open mind, and prepare to be intellectually shaken! The styles of learning and teaching here are different from those in the secondary school environment, but we are all here to learn. So, work with your fellow students, and never feel shy asking questions to your teaching assistants and teachers!

Academic Counseling
All new students should attend the Academic Counseling Session on 24 August 2021. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the programme and its study scheme. There is no formal counseling session for continuing students, but if you have any questions about the study program, ask your academic advisor via email or in counseling sessions.

Every major student is assigned to a teacher who serves as your academic advisor during your study here. Please do visit her/him regularly—you may talk about anything academic that is of concern to you, but you don’t have to have a problem to see your advisor. Just drop by to say hi, or arrange a time to have lunch or afternoon tea. Your advisor is happy to see you!

General Advice for Students
All first-year Chinese Studies majors (including transfer-in students) should take the required courses CHES1000 Introduction to Chinese Studies and CHES1100 Unofficial China in their first year. Non-native Chinese speakers in the “International Stream” should take CHES1001 and CHES1002; while students in the “Chinese Native-Speaker Stream” should take CHES4001 and CHES4002. These courses will be preassigned by the Centre Office.

Generally speaking, 2000-level courses are designed for 2nd year students, 3000-level courses are designed for 3rd year students, and 4000-level courses are designed for 3rd and 4th year students. Second-year students are allowed to take 3000/4000-level courses, but may find them difficult. We recommend that you take 1000-level courses in your 1st year, 2000- and 3000-level courses in your 2nd year, and 3000-4000 level courses in your 3rd and 4th years.

You are free to take elective courses following your own interests. Note that many elective courses are offered once every other year. You will need to plan your study program accordingly. Please check the Study Scheme of your admitted year and seek advice from your academic advisor while planning course registration and get department approval in advance when needed in special circumstances.

The following Curriculum Structure and Major Requirements are applicable to BA students admitted in 2021 and onward. Those admitted before 2021 should refer to their corresponding study schemes listed below.

Curriculum Structure

Component Unit Range
Major Faculty Package (CHES1100 pre-assigned) 9 72
Major Required 39
Major Elective 24
Minor (optional) 18-30
University Core requirements
Languages Chinese 6 39
English 9
General Education (UGE:9 / CGE:6 / GEF:6)* 21
Information Technology 1
Physical Education 2
Free Electives Remaining Units
Total At least 123

*UGE – University General Education; CGE – College General Education; GEF – General Education Foundation

Major Requirements

Major Required and Elective Courses International Stream (IS) Chinese Native-Speaker stream (CNSS) Specific time to take
(a) Introductory Courses (CHES1000 pre-assigned) 3 Year 1 Term 1
(b) Stream Courses
Chinese Language 12 6 Year 1 – Year 2
Immersion Studies 12 12 Summer Session
Communicating in English about China 6 Year 3 – Year 4
(c) Experiential & Social Enterprise Learning Courses
CHES3300 China Summer Field Trip 3 Summer Session
CHES3400 Social Enterprise Project in China 3 Summer Session
(d) Research Component Courses
CHES3500 Research Methods 3 Year 4 Term 1
CHES4500 Thesis Research Paper  3 Year 4 Term 2
(e) Major Elective 24 Year 1 Term 2 – Year 4
No. of Units 63 (39+24)  

Applicable to students admitted in 2021-22

Applicable to students admitted in 2020-21

Applicable to students admitted in 2019-20