Course Code

CHES3002/ CCSS3610

Course Name

China’s Financial Reforms: Problems and Perspectives


Prof. Chen Li

Teaching Assistant

Kelvin Wu

Course Description

This course examines the development and transformation of China’s financial system during the recent decades of market-oriented reforms and discuss its investment implications. It takes a historical and institutional perspective to analyze the key components of China’s financial system, including the reform of banking system, the development of capital markets, the rise of business groups and financial conglomerates, the evolution of monetary policy regime as well as the financial regulatory and governance framework. It provides students with a comprehensive introduction on the achievement, challenges and opportunities of China’s financial reforms.

Course Outline

Lecture 1&2 Introduction: Finance and Development

Lecture 3 Global Finance and China’s Reform

Lecture 4 Hybrid Governance in China’s Finance System

Lecture 5 China’s Banking Reform

Lecture 6 The Rise of Shadow Banking in China

Lecture 7 Corporatization and State Capital  

Lecture 8 Capital Market Reforms

Lecture 9 Public Finance

Lecture 10 Financial Technology

Lecture 11 Bureaucracy and Regulatory Reform

Lecture 12 Currency Reform and RMB Internationalization

Assessment & Assignments

Attendance                                 10%

Discussion Participation            10%

Reading Presentation                 20%

Term Paper                                30%

Final Test                                   30%

Honesty in Academic Work

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