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Course Name

Chinese Studies Fieldtrip






Prof. Kristof VAN DEN TROOST
Dr. CHEN Chih Ting

Teaching Assistant

Mavis Siu

Course Description

In this course, students will go on a six-day trip to Beijing to learn more about Chinese cinema. During the trip, students will meet with scholars and practitioners of Chinese cinema and visit various filmrelated companies and organizations. In the process, they will learn about the history of Chinese cinema, the state of the industry today, and the role of different participants in contemporary Chinese film culture. Preparation for this trip will start in the first term: screenings of selected Chinese films will be organized, and students will write a review essay and a film analysis. A field trip reflection essay will be due in the second term.

Course Outline


Assessment & Assignments

Participation 15%
Film Analysis (1,000 words) 20%
Review Essay (1,500 words) 25%
Field Trip Reflection Essay (3,000 words) 40%

Honesty in Academic Work

Attention is drawn to University policy and regulations on honesty in academic work, and to the disciplinary guidelines and procedures applicable to breaches of such policy and regulations. Details may be found at With each assignment, students will be required to submit a signed VeriGuide declaration that they are aware of the policies, regulations and procedures.