Course Code


Course Name

Understanding China through Texts II


MON 4:30pm – 6:15pm


Prof. Yunwen Gao

Teaching Assistant

Hu Yijun

Course Description

This course is designed to lay a solid foundation for the freshmen of Chinese studies majors in terms of Chinese reading, writing, discussion, and presentation skills. A selected series of texts are used to trigger students’ research interests and learn close-reading ability. There will be workshops helping students identify major journals and archives in Chinese language, pick relevant research texts for close reading, write a bibliographical essay, and present on the topic based on the selected reading. The class will be conducted in Mandarin Chinese.


Course Outline

Week 1 Jan 9             Course Overview 课程概览


Chinese Literature Overseas 海外华文文学


Week 2 Jan 16           Migration and Nostalgia: Bai Xianyong 迁徙与怀旧:白先勇


Week 3            Lunar New Year, No class


Week 4 Jan 30           Colonial Past and Post-colonial Present: Zhu Tianxin 殖民的历史与后殖民的当下:朱天心


Week 4 Feb 6             Marginality and Identity: Jiang Xiaoyun 边缘性与身份:蒋晓云


Week 5 Feb 13           Writing Workshop 1 写作工作坊1


Week 6 Feb 20           Postmodernism and Stream of Consciousness: Liu Yichang 后现代与意识流:刘以鬯


Reading Report Due this week


Week 7 Feb 27           Gender and Martial Arts: Jin Yong 性别与武侠:金庸


Week 8 Reading Week


Week 9 Mar 13          Local Experience and Cultural Identity: Xi Xi 本土经验与文化身份:西西


Week 10 Mar 20        Writing Workshop 2 写作工作坊2



Week 11 Mar 27        Race and Ethnicity: He Shufang 种族与族裔:贺淑芳


Creative Project Proposal Due this week


Week 12 Apr 3          History and Nation: Li Zishu I 历史与家国:黎紫书1


Week 13 Apr 10        History and Nation: Li Zishu II历史与家国:黎紫书2


Week 14 & 15 April 10 & 17            Final Project Presentation 期末报告

Assessment & Assignments

1) Attendance and Participation (20%) 

2) Discussion Facilitation (15%)

3) Reading Report (20%)

4) Creative Project Proposal (15%)

5) Final Project (30%)

Honesty in Academic Work

Before submitting all written assignments, first upload them to the VeriGuide system (, obtain the Veriguide receipt, sign it, and attach it to the paper copy submission of your essay on the final submission date noted in the schedule. Any cases of plagiarism will be severely penalized and reported to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, which could result in failure or expulsion from the University. Please refer to the website: for instruction on how to use Veriguide.