Tuition Fee

The tuition fee is HK$155,000 per annum in 2024/25 (subject to approval by the University) . If a student (1) intends to enroll in courses in addition to the 24 units of courses required to complete the degree, or (2) fails a course and must retake it, a supplementary course fee will be applied. In 2022/23, tuition fee per additional course is HK$18,501.

The annual tuition fees are payable by two equal installments. The tuition fee should be settled by the end of September and January for Term 1 and Term 2 respectively, the Finance Office will send notification to students two weeks prior to the payment due date. Admitted students will be required to settle a deposit of HKD$40,000 within two weeks after the issuance of the official admission notification, the deposit will be offset against the first installment of the tuition fee.


Admissions Scholarship

To encourage diversity and to assist students of strong academic standing to study the Master of Arts in Chinese Studies, the Programme will award a small number of admissions scholarships each academic year. The value of each scholarship will be equivalent to 50% of the tuition fee of the given academic year. Applicants are encouraged to submit an additional statement (limited to 300 words in English) along with other application materials for the Admission Scholarship Panel’s review. We particularly welcome applications from local Hong Kong and international students.


Merit Scholarship

The Programme will award several merit scholarships each academic year in recognition of students with outstanding achievements in the MA in Chinese Studies programme. The scholarships will be awarded based on Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the end of each academic year.


Financial Aid

Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program

Every year the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) supports Asian students to pursue master degrees in selected universities, including the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Interested applicants can click here to find more information.