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Course Name

Capstone Research Paper/Thesis Research Paper


Mondays 10:30 am - 1:15 pm


Refer to CUSIS


Refer to CUSIS

Teaching Assistant

Ms. Cailitana Mamuti; Ms. Guo Ningxi

Course Description

This writing-intensive seminar is the capstone course for Contemporary China Studies and Chinese Studies majors in their final year. It gives graduating seniors the opportunity to explore in depth a China topic of particular interest to them, and design, research, and write a research paper on this subject. Students will formulate a research proposal, conduct research, write a bibliographical essay, and prepare their capstone research paper in multiple drafts. The class will be divided into Research Groups based on shared research interests that will work together and support each other and meet separately with the instructor.

Course Outline

Session 1: January 8             Organization Session: The Project


Session 2: January 15           Presenting the Proposal: Sources & Data

  • First Report in class


Session 3: Jan 29       Analysis & Planning I

  • Second Report in class
  • Outline and Bibliographical Essay Due by 5pm, Feb. 2 via Blackboard.


Feb. 5-15        NO class; research on one’s own project


Session 4: February 19         Writing Workshop I: Critiquing Outlining, Argumentation & Citation (Guest Lecturer: TBC)

  • Revised Outline Due by 5pm, Feb 23 via Blackboard.


READING WEEK   March 4 – March 9 (NO class; research & writing on one’s own)


Session 5: March 11              Analysis and Planning II: Individual Sessions


Session 6: March 18              Writing Workshop II: Presenting and Analyzing the Evidence (Guest Lecturer: TBC)


Session 7: March 25              Analysis and Planning III: Individual Sessions  

  • Partial Draft Due by 5pm, April 12 via Blackboard.


Session 8: April 15                Critiquing Drafts

  • Third Report in class
  • FINAL PAPER DUE by 5pm, April 26 before the Capstone Project Final Presentation. Submit an e-copy (in WORD file, with signed Veriguide receipt) to Blackboard.


Session 9: April 29                Capstone Project Final Presentation

  • Final Paper Presentation on the research paper

Assessment & Assignments

Research Proposal, Bibliography & Outline & Bibliographical essay    10%

Revised Outline & Drafts    10%

Reports & Participation    20%

Research Paper    60%

Honesty in Academic Work

All students should familiarize themselves with university policies and regulations on HONESTY IN ACADEMIC WORK and the DISCIPLINARY GUIDELINES and PROCEDURES applicable to breaches of such policies and regulations. See the website: cases of plagiarism will be severely penalized and reported to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, which could result in failure or expulsion from the University.

Use of AI tools in any form is strictly prohibited in this course.