MPhil & PhD Orientation 2021-22

Orientation Session for new MPhil & PhD students was held on 24 August & 2 September! On 24 August, our program coordinator gave a briefing on study schemes and programme features while students also shared their experience with each other, including living in PG Halls and finding an apartment in HK, and how to go to different areas of campus. The students also took a visit to our centre and the RPg room. 

Further to the session which is focused on study schemes and course selection, we had another round of professors’ sharing session on 2 September. Our MPhil & PhD supervisors Prof. Kiely, Prof. Ling, Prof. Li, and Prof. Van Den Troost shared their research experiences and tips to the path of research excellence. Our new Research Assistant Professor, Prof. Lin also joined our friendly discussion to share her research focus and advice under the difficult times of COIVD. This year is very special, we have 3 Second-year MPhil students joining on Campus for the first time due to online learning last year. We hope everyone can makeup for their time not being able to study in campus, and have the most fun in CCS & CUHK!