Part-time Lecturer

PhD, Chinese Studies, Leiden University

Audrey Heijns received her Ph.D. from Leiden University. She previously worked at the School of Foreign Languages of Shenzhen University, Chinese Civilization Centre of the City University of Hong Kong and the Research Centre for Translation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include the history of early Dutch translators, and nineteenth-century Chinese bilingual dictionaries. Her articles have been published in refereed journals including Perspectives, Translation and Interpreting Studies and the International Journal for Lexicography. Her monograph The Role of Henri Borel in Chinese Translation History was published by Routledge in 2021. She also translates Chinese literature into Dutch and English and is the editor of the online database Verretaal Chinese Literature in Dutch Translation.


Research interests:

  • History of Dutch Sinologists
  • Translation of Chinese Literature
  • Travel Writing
  • Chinese Bilingual Dictionaries

Representative Publications

Books and Edited Volumes


Heijns, Audrey. The Role of Henri Borel in Chinese Translation History. London; New York: Routledge

Journal Articles & Book Chapters


Heijns, Audrey. ‘The Translator’s Individual Approach: English Translation of Chinese Poetry’, in: Transcultural Poetics: Chinese Literature in English Translation, edited by Yifeng Sun and Dechao Li. London; New York: Routledge, pp. 52-65.


Heijns, Audrey. ‘Hong Kong from a Dutch Colonial View’, Journal of Oriental Studies, Vol. 51:1, pp. 119–133.


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Heijns, Audrey. ‘The Image of Hong Kong in Dutch Travel Writing’, Dutch Crossing: Journal of Low Countries Studies, Vol. 45:1, pp. 66–76.


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Heijns, Audrey. ‘In Pursuit of Genuine Chinese Equivalents: The Case of a Nineteenth-Century Dutch-Chinese Dictionary’, International Journal of Lexicography, Vol. 33:1, pp. 104–115.


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Heijns, Audrey. ‘Translating Otherness: Images of a Chinese City’, Journal of World Languages, Vol. 3:1, pp. 67–78.



Heijns, Audrey. ‘Disintegration’ by Liu Wai Tong, in Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, March 2023. (English Translation) 


Heijns, Audrey. ‘Once washed away by the black tide’ by Woo Sai Nga, in Chinaman Creek, June 2023. (English Translation) 


Heijns, Audrey. ‘The Elephant’ by Chan Chi Wa, in That We May Live: Speculative Chinese Fiction (San Francisco, CA: Two Lines Press), pp. 83–92. (English Translation)


Heijns, Audrey. ‘Hun Zoon’ (Their Son) by Yu Hua, in Flesjes Knallen (Breda: De Geus), pp. 247–259. (Dutch Translation)


Heijns, Audrey. ‘Liu Waitong: Three Poems’, in Exchanges, Fall/Winter issue (English Translation)

Courses Offered

CHES2004 Chinese Literature in Translation
CHES5104 Selected themes on Chinese literature II