Gain Fluency in Chinese

Our Chinese Studies programme is primarily taught in English. Non-Chinese-speaking students are also welcome to apply. * No knowledge of Chinese is required for admission. International students will receive intensive training on Chinese language.

As an integral part of our study scheme, students will take courses that focus on introducing key elements of Chinese history, economy, governance, business, culture, language, literature and contemporary society in different major elective courses that paired with language training tutorials and lab work. Each year, students are encouraged to take Chinese language tests, and upon graduation, certify their language level by taking the internationally-recognised Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK; 漢語水平考試). Native speakers of Chinese will also be trained in rigorous academic reading and writing in Chinese and English, honing their research and communication skills.


*Students are still required to meet the admission requirements as stipulated by the University.